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Stress Lessons – More Than Medication

This website has downloadable resources and informational videos for parents to help their children recognize and deal with the impacts of stress. It’s a collaborative project of the Psychology Foundation of Canada and More Than Medication, a website focused on

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Sleep and the Adolescent Brain

by Kieran O’Mahony, University of Washington LIFE Center If you have teens living in your home, they probably treat their alarm snooze button like a whack-a-mole. This obsession with sleeping in, staying up late and maintaining irregular sleep patterns may

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Your Face Scares Me: Understanding the Hyperrational Adolescent Brain | Edutopia

The website Edutopia (a great set of resources from the George Lucas Educational Foundation) has a helpful article today called Your Face Scares Me: Understanding the Hyperrational Adolescent Brain. It has some very specific suggestions on how to support teenages based

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Why Sleeping May Be More Important Than Studying | MindShift

This article from last year has a good overview of Why Sleeping May Be More Important Than Studying. Sleep isn’t just about resting your body and mind; it’s about consolidating and improving memory and learning as well. Helping your kids get

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Resiliency Webinar with Dr. Clay Cook

Many thanks to Dr. Clay Cook for joining us for our webinar on March 11! He shared a great presentation focused on how adults can develop resiliency to better support our children and students, with a mixture of neuroscience and

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The Adolescent Brain

The Adolescent Brain jenny l. williamson Project Director for How Do I Learn: Neuroscience Advances Inform Learning School of Nursing, University of Washington Our brains are wired to learn – to form new connections based on what is happening around us.

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